Mission Statement

To bring people together to participate in efforts that will leave the World a better place than we found it.

About Us

About Us

American Problem Solver concept was born from what all other great ideas of their time come from, necessity and a desire for change.  In order to have positive change is to open your mind and create, envision, and innovate.

About two years ago all that was to see and hear was propaganda about our United States of America’s great Presidential Campaign.  The only campaigners, however, are a set of a few Billionaires.  Most born into their money.

Shocking to see that my fellow Americans gave up their rights to Clean Water, Air, and the Pursuit of Happiness, Education, Health, and our Natural and Historical Parks over to Oil Companies.  No regret, instead they are doubling down on the destruction of all progress made from the last 100 years.

With that, we will find all the paths to a better life on Earth for all people’s, not just our fellow Americans.

Join us!