The Death of America’s Greatness

The former United States of America

With the Senate abdicating their checks on a co-equal branch, the dismantling of our institutions that define our constitution, the degradation of a political party and the executive branch, that is not being a chicken little it is being brave enough to see the facts for what they are.

The whole Roy Cohn methodology is to do the crime before our eyes to then say it isn’t a crime is dysfunctional, and incoherent. Not without the blatant hypocrisy by the GOP Senators and cries of outrage over the exact thing they all voted against.

The Executive, Judicial, Intelligence, legislative Branches have all been compromised. Our Constitution, values, morals, ethics, truth are no more. 2020 Election has not been secured and nothing has left #MoscowMitch‘s graveyard for YEARS. He has forced thru 100’s of unqualified/disqualified lifetime judgeships that were held open because the GOP doesn’t feel as the majority of America should have any say at all about anything. FB working w/Heir Trump on and on I can go. Trump will be more vindictive and cruel with every passing day then when it becomes clear we ALL want him gone he will shut down any and all elections. There is no recourse or legal venue. We are done. I thank the Bernie brats who didn’t vote in 2016 because they are spoiled brats just like Trump, the corrupt greedy lying selfish GOP, the ignorant fools who only watch FOX News and nothing else. I am not physically able to do anything but get my passport renewed and find a way to survive while my rights and freedoms are taken away….right before my very eyes.

On this day February 5, 2020, at 4:40 p.m. EST the most corrupt and less than a human man just was given a free pass to destroy anything he wants. There is now only one man Above the Law for the first time in our history. The constitution has been degraded in full as was their plan. We will venture backward as only the corrupt Republican old white man party can do and take us all back to the beginning where only white men that own property have a say. Today women, children, and those who don’t own anything just became the property in a Fascist State of Grotesque Greed for the evilest of all men and his grotesque worthless family. Those who voted to acquit will have the stench and ugly weight hang on them, their name, and their families for centuries to come or the end of life on Earth. I pity them and sad that they chose such a useless waste of a life for such a valueless piece of shit Donald J. Trump et al.

Never thought I would see such an ugly display of hatred of all the Gods’ most precious creations. Hatred of all life because they hate themselves so deeply that they want us to suffer for them. Not sure if Humankind will survive all these disasters heading our way at one time. However, I do have hope that there are more of us that are good and strong enough to lift up as many as we can above the rising tide.